NEW FOR 2019

NEW FOR 2019

With the 2019 slowly approaching, a brand new batch of coasters are starting to emerge from the ground. This is one of my favourite times in the enthusiast calendar. As winter starts to die we see construction pick up and before we know it all the new creds start moving for the first time and all the hype gets real again. Although last year we saw two major coasters come to the UK, this year is pretty quiet, so here is a look across the world at my top ten new coasters to look out for in the next few months.


I’ve been pretty vocal about this coaster. I LOVE B&M rides, and the thing I usually love most about them is how the aesthetics are top notch, most of their sky-lines and footprints are littered with beautiful simple shapes held up by a scarily small amount of elegant supports. And even their colour schemes look so great on that chunky box track.

Yukon Striker on the other hand has bugged me to no end. BROWN AND DARK GREEN? I can’t even… Plus the way the second half of the ride sits is just bizzare, the unique vertical loop sits smaller than the zero-g roll, then a straight piece before an UGLY immelmann. Then a stupidly long brake run and that mini-drop helix combo that hovers awkwardly above the pathway. So many.. “choices” here with the way it looks.

BUT on the other hand, it’s huge! The world’s largest dive coaster, and as much as it looks bad, it will ride incredibly. What a great combo of elements, that huge zero-g will be incredible on the outer seats, the loop may be awkward, but a welcome change to dive layouts. Yeah basically, this coaster leaves me torn, but I guess it’s about what you want in a coaster. Who cares how it looks if it rides like a dream right?


Another coaster I have problems with aesthetically. I mean… the colours.


But apart from that! What a dream concept, an inverted coaster dulling with a sit-down. And with Intamin’s recent track record I have no doubt it’ll be a great ride experience. I pray that other parks in Europe see this beast and do their own take on it. Imagine the theming possibilities, and with the invert/sit-down combo, the dueling elements are sure to be elevated as you won’t need to invert the train to get the near miss in.

Battlestar Galactica in Universal Singapore has touched on this idea, but I never felt it truly expanded on what was possible. This could be a massive game changer in the industry if it works.


Coming to the park that brought Fury325 to the world, Copperhead Strike is America’s first MACK Multi Launch coaster. This is the same model as Bluefire, Helix & Icon, a fantastic track record, so I have no doubt that this ride will be a solid comfortable experience. It’s definitely a unique layout with two vertical loops (are these making a come-back btw) loads of air-time pops, and a second launch which doubles up as an air-time hill. I imagine this ride will be more like Icon than Helix due to it’s lower speed and the tight turns are very very similar.

I don’t expect it to beat Fury325 as the best ride there, but it will be fun, enjoyable, re-ridable addition. Plus any ride that’s themed to alcohol production (looking at you Furius Baco) is sure to be a hoot.


I can’t say I know an awful lot about this new B&M over in China. All I know is it’s gigantic starting with a Swarm drop into the worlds largest zero-g roll (I assume it is..) before flying around some crazy theming. This one will be worth a pilgrimage for sure. It may not be everyones favourite coaster type, but it does everything that they’re good at.


Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 21.08.42.png

This Polish park is going crazy! So many coasters have been built there in the past few years, and with last years Hyperion, they’re definitely showing they’re ready to sit on the world stage. This will be one of three RMC coasters in europe, and with their reputation of being the hot manufacturers of the moment, this beast will not disappoint. It looks like it will combine the best of wildfire with some of the best of it’s american counterparts. It will showcase what RMC can do with a large piece of land and a crazy budget, I just hope it opens in 2019!


Already looming over Helsinki, this Intamin multi launch is a sure fire hit. After the success of Taron in Phantasialand I’ve been waiting for another park to jump on that bandwagon. The layout is a mix of new weird inversions, air-time and that Taron goodness. So many part of this ride I see as being highlights, but especially that RMC style zero-g stall over the other rides. It may not have the theming impact of Taron, but it’s elements are so tall and bizzare I can’t wait to see it in motion

Photo Credit : Anac0nda - Coaster Force

Ontop of that Linnanmäki prides itself on using it’s profits to benefit local children’s charities!


FINALLY! RMC are coming over to do over an old woodie. These have been a huge success over in the states and this one is getting everyone riled up. Not an awful lot is known about the layout, but it’s said to have a heavy focus on inversions and dramatically increase the height original coaster it’s commandeering Robin Hood. I really hope this does well as it may wake up some other parks in Europe to revamp their old woodies, I am looking at you Oakwood and Blackpool… (I’ll get some hate for suggesting this, but come on).



So it may not open till 2020, but when I visited in 2017, half the track was already up! Imagine if Taron, Galactica (Air) and Vliegende Hollander got in a crazy threesome and had a baby, this what F.L.Y will be. It will mix a new gen Vekoma Flying coaster with a sideways dark section followed by a double launching flying coaster section. All packed into a tiny footprint that also houses a hotel. It’s just INSANE, I can’t even follow the construction because it’s such a mind fuck.

It will be, without a doubt, one of the most unique coaster experiences in the world. And with both Vekoma and Phantasialand stepping it up over the past few years, this will be worth the wait. Now.. when does it open?


Another coaster that’s riding combining loads of elements to create a massively immersive experience. It’s hard to comprehend just what this coaster will do. It has forwards launches, backwards launches, drop tracks, a vertical spike, jet-ski style trains? Like everything has been thrown at this thing. It’s nowhere near finished and yet it already looks stunning.

With Universal’s almost unlimited budget when it comes to Harry Potter, the show scenes will be a spectacle in itself, and with Intamin on board, it’s just a dream team!


With Steel Vengence dominating 2018, RMC’s biggest 2019 project has to top this list. It’s everything SteVe is and more, with a better colour scheme. I haven’t seen as much buzz for this coaster as I think people just expect it to be just as groundbreaking. White Cyclone was always an iconic coaster in Japan, so to butcher it apart like this had a lot of balls, and it’s already taking shape beautifully. That huge signature helix has been replaced with banks and twists, and THAT drop, it’s just drool worthy. I can see a lot of enthusiasts already booking their trips this year based on this addition.

So there it is! LOADS to look forward to this year if you’re planning to travel. I’m sure there’s some here that will shake up peoples top 10s.



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